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Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt

nextzett Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt (90088015)
nextzett Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt (90088015)
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  • Chenille microfibers lift and keep dirt away from paint finish for a scratch-free finish
  • Holds a large capacity of car shampoo and water for fast and efficient washing
  • Comfort fit elastic cuff securely but comfortably holds mitt in place
  • Machine washable

Thick, super soft Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt is super absorbent; able to carry an abundance of soap and water to loosen and lift dirt and grime away from the surface without scratching. For use on all paint finishes, glass and metal. Machine washable.

Care instructions: Machine wash hot with a gentle wash detergent such as Blitz on gentle cycle and dry on delicate cycle. As with all microfiber materials, wash separately from cotton towels and avoid bleach as well as fabric softeners (liquid or fabric) which will shorten the life of the microfiber. Wash dark colors separately. Can be washed hundreds of times.

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