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Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Set

Hi Pressure Foam Cannon
High Pressure Foam Cannon
Pressure washer stubby gun
High Pressure Foam Cannon Dial
High Pressure Foam Cannon spray
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  • Lotus Power Foam Car Shampoo

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Hi Pressure Foam Cannon
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  • Cannon produces a thick foam spray for a professional wash
  • Adjust foam foam thickness with a simple turn of the dial
  • Adjustable spray pattern from a jet stream to a wide fan pattern
  • Pressure washer sprayer has a max operating pressure of 4350 PSI. 
  • 32 fl oz capacity
  • Use with 2-4 oz of Lotus Ultra Power Foam Shampoo for an extreme foam wash

Create a carwash experience with this all inclusive foam cannon set which includes a stubby pressure washer sprayer. Our foam cannon produces a thick rich foam that is easily controlled with just a twist of the dial. You can also modify the fan spray as desired. With a foam wash, you get even coverage for a scratch-free finish. For ultimate foam, use Lotus Ultra Power Foam Shampoo. 

How to Use:

If you have a long, wand style pressure washer sprayer on your pressure washer, you can simply attach the foam cannon. To replace the wand sprayer with the included stubby sprayer, you'll need to get a 3/8” to M22 brass adapter found at most home improvement stores. Remove the wand sprayer and connect to pressure washer hose using the brass adapter.




32 fl oz

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