Windshield washer fluid is often overlooked but considered very important the moment you need it. Your windshield is your window to the road ahead and at highway speeds, a dirty windshield can make for a hazardous drive. Have you turned on your wipers, pressed the windshield washer trigger only to find it's empty? Or maybe it isn't empty but whatever you had in there only made matters worse by smearing and adding dangerous glare (especially when driving directly towards the sun).

The good news is that all of this can be easily avoided and doesn't require much skill and only a few minutes of your time.

First, you'll need one bottle of nextzett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate. You know those big 1 gallon jugs of blue stuff you find at your nearest retail store? Forget about it. The one 8.5 oz bottle of Kristall Klar makes a total of 12.5 gallons! Unlike the other washer fluids out there, Kristall Klar isn't just water, ammonia (aka cheap detergent) and blue dye. Kristall Klar doesn't contain ammonia. It contains high quality detergents that cut through bugs, road grime, oil and whatever else makes contact with your windshield without smearing or causing glare.  

Kristall Klar also has additional benefits.


It contains water softeners to keep your washer fluid pump working smoothly and effectively. This is really important. A lot of people just put regular water. Regular tap water has little cleaning ability but worse, the natural minerals in water will build up and cause a strain on the washer pump leading to eventual failure. It's not uncommon for pumps to fail prematurely and they can cost a pretty penny. Plus, the softeners prevent the washer sprayers from clogging up and causing an uneven spray pattern making washing your windshield even less effective.

Kristall Klar also contains lubricants that keep the wipers operating smoothly. Ever notice when using your wipers in the rain how they start to skip and shudder after operating them for a while? Spray some Kristall Klar and watching them quiet down immediately.


All of these features are the reason why Kristall Klar is the OEM washer fluid for European cars in Germany. 


Add if you need a washer fluid with de-icing properties, use nextzett Anti-Frost Concentrate. It's the same as Kristall Klar but can be mixed to work in temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C).  Anti-Frost doesn't contain any methanol which is toxic. You'll find that other brands will use methanol. We only use ethanol which is safe to use and won't cause harm if you come into contact with it.

Windshield Washer Fluid Tank Cap

Here's how to check your washer fluid:



Step 1

Locate the washer fluid tank in your engine compartment. You will see it marked with a cap that has a symbol of a windshield and water spraying (see picture to the right).  It might also say "WASHER FLUID ONLY".  

**NOTE: It's very important to not confuse the washer fluid tank with the engine coolant tank which is clearly marked "ENGINE COOLANT".


Step 2

Open cap and check fluid level. Similar to the oil dipstick, there is usually a long stick inside. Pull it out and note what level the stick is wet. If it is below the fill mark, it's time to filler up.



Step 3


Kristall Klar comes in a handy squeeze bottle that has a reservoir at the top. Squeeze the bottle to fill the reservoir. A full reservoir is enough to make 1 gallon of mixed washer fluid. Pour the contents dispensed into the reservoir into the washer fluid tank. After you've poured Kristall Klar into the tank, fill the tank with water. Done!

If you use your windshield washer often and you don't have a low washer fluid indicator, check the fluid level every few months so you're never without it. If your car has a reminder indicator to let you know your washer fluid level is low, be sure to fill it up as early as possible.


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